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VIFU Participates in the Interreg project Saline Farming

About Saline Farming (SalFar)

SalFar is a project that seeks to develop innovative agriculture to protect the environment and stimulate economic growth.

Climate change is a global challenge that will have a major impact on the North Sea Region, affecting coastal areas in a variety of ways. The SalFar project focuses on the degradation of farmland due to salinization. The main driver for increased salinization in the North Sea Region is the continuous rise in sea level. Sea level rise leads to increased seepage of seawater, a higher risk of flooding, pushes seawater further inland and will in time lead to ever increasing salinization of farmland in the North Sea Region as well as in other parts of the world. Without adequate countermeasures this will lead to loss of food production capability and severe damage to coastal economies.

Through close collaboration within a multidisciplinary partnership consisting of climate experts, researchers, educators, farmers, entrepreneurs and policy makers, the SalFar project aims to contribute to the mitigation of the effects of salinization. SalFar will accomplish this by setting up open field labs around the North Sea, doing scientific research on the salt tolerance of various crops, demonstrating alternative methods of farming under saline conditions and creating new business opportunities for farmers, food producers, and entrepreneurs.


VIFU’s Role in the SalFar Project

VIFU is a partner in the SalFar project and project manager of the Work package concerning communication.

The work package consists of the transnational dissemination of the project’s work, goals and results. This will be done through the following communication channels: a website, newsletters, publicity material, external conferences, workshops, an internal communication platform. Furthermore, a visual identity is developed, which is described in detail in a design manual.


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