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VIFU Participates in the Interreg project REFRAME





REFRAME is a project that works towards creating growth through regional thinking among food related SMEs, which in the project is called adopting a regional food frame.

The objectives of the REFRAME project are to develop/re-establish local infrastructures of food production, food processing, food consumption and profiling of rural communities. In the project, we refer to this as RFF’s (Regional Food Frames). The potential benefits are many, among which can be mentioned i) increase in rural communities of economic value added in the many steps from field to fork, ii) increase in local occupation and in-migration of highly qualified individuals, iii) diversification of food qualities based on production adapted to local conditions and traditions and, hence, iv) development of principles of more sustainable food production.

The REFRAME project cannot make this happen within the project period on a scale of any significance. The impact of the project therefore relates not only to develop methods to stimulate and demonstrate the feasibility of the REFRAME approach in regional living laboratories but also to promote that the approach is considered and pursued in other communities in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. Trans- and international communication is instrumental in complying with these ambitions.


VIFU Serves as an External Expert in the REFRAME Project


In this project VIFU’s task is to develop other communication materials. The task consists of implementing the transnational communication and dissemination strategy with focus on traditional media and materials, the transnational press, other communication materials such as films, info graphics, posters, etc. as well as on coaching the partners in dissemination of the project.


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