Main activities

VIFU's current activities are divided between the following main areas:


  • VIFU is a partner in the innovation network Danish Food Innovation, which is the official innovation network within the Danish food sector. Danish Food Innovation is part of The Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s innovation programme and has been allocated 12 million DKK to strengthen the most innovative SMEs within the food industry. For more information about the innovation network got to
  • A member of the consortium behind Future Food Innovation, one of Central Denmark Region’s initiatives within the food sector. Here innovation activities are initiated for food companies – for further information go to
  • Secretariat of Smagen af Danmark (Taste of Denmark), which is an umbrella organisation for regional networks consisting of small food producers. For information about members and activities go to
  • Provider of ProjektAcceleratoren (The Project Accelerator) – a project service that matches companies and students. You can find a list of available projects or get in contact with a student here




In VIFU we call ourselves bridge builders as we build bridges between research, development and practical experience. In all our projects, networks and activities we seek to contribute to cooperation and exchange of experiences between food research and the food industry.
Our focus is also on the cooperation between the industrialised and the craft-based food production.
We assist companies in finding the right collaborators for specific projects or problems.



In VIFU we offer counselling that is based on the needs of the individual. We offer counselling regarding the following subjects, among others:

  • how to draw up project applications
  • description and planning of projects such as development, own-check, shelf life, packaging, marketing, etc.
  • assist in finding a student for your project
  • and much more…..

If a company needs advice or counselling within an area that falls out of our area of expertise in VIFU, we will find those who hold just the knowledge that is needed.




Project Management

Project management and networking are key competencies which all employees in VIFU hold and we are passionate about each of our areas.

Networks and Events

VIFU functions as an initiator in connection with a number of professional and interdisciplinary networks. We try to put people together who might benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge.

Networks that have been established or are about to be initiated are:

  • Food safety network in Jutland and Zealand
  • Smagen af Danmark (Taste of Denmark)
  • The packaging network PAKNET

We arrange conferences, workshops, fairs, study trips and other activities for both large and small food producers and companies as well as related businesses.


VIFU can assist in drawing up project applications and apply for project funding from current funds. VIFU's members can get help with project applications when trying out new food ideas. VIFU collaborates with the professional advisory firm TJ Consult & Partnere.